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Sample cover letter for software QA tester

If you are writing a cover letter as a software QA tester, then it is necessary that you should include a bit of your professional experience (if any) in the cover letter. As such, the resume will speak for you, but at the same time you do require to speak in a less formal way for your job in the cover letter. Here are a few tips to help you with that.

Summarize your experiences

You as a Software QA tester may have worked in the past. So, if you have any experience, share that with your prospective employers so that you are on better platform. However, while preparing the experience list, try to be precise and list only the important ones, not all. As everything will be mentioned in your resume, hence you do not need to elaborate what you are trying to say. The motto is being professional and being precise.

Be polite

While you are looking for a job, you need to be polite in your outlook. When you have completed mentioning all the details, ask politely for an interview so that they will know that you are interested in the matter. Here is a sample cover letter for your application as a software QA tester

Sample cover letter

Ref: Application for the post of Software testing engineer

Dear Mr. (name of the employer),

This letter is to express my interest in the post of software testing engineer posted on (name of the area where it was posted). I believe that I have the educational qualifications and the technical experience required in this matter.

I hold a technical degree from (name of the institution you have passed from) and have a working experience of (number of years or months. If you are a fresher, mention so). I have experience in testing of different phases of software cycle and good knowledge on the requirements of completing a project from initial to final level. I am confident that my presentation skills, along with high quality and cost effective methodologies can secure big projects from companies.

Prior to this, I worked with a CMM (level no) company and I am well aware of the work culture of mastery in (the technical concepts like C, C#, Java, etc.) makes me a suitable candidate for the required post. I assure you that my knowledge and experience in this field will work towards the better achievement and the increased success rate of the company.

Please find my resume attached for your perusal and I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely



A few extra tips

Always try and avoid grammatical errors, as they undermine you and your abilities. Also try and be polite and when you mention a date be sure to turn up on that day.

Keeping all these points in mind will help you to have a successful cover letter that will help you to get hired soon. All the best.

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Cover Letter for QA Tester

A QA tester, or quality assurance tester handles the quality issues that may arise in products. He is responsible in helping the company in manufacturing products as per the guidelines to ensure zero-default. Before the goods roll out of the factory, he has to check if they meet all the standards as planned. His experience and qualification are used in all types of industry from engineering, construction, automobiles, information technology, etc. In short, the reputation of the company is very much depended on his abilities and skills.

Required Skills

QA testers have to coordinate with different teams within a company to understand the development progress. While testing a product, he has to think from the end-users' point of view. He has to act like an analyst, software architect and network engineer. To handle these many things, a degree in software testing is essential. In addition, he must also have a strong communication skill and analytical skill.

Cover Letter Sample

Victor M. Benson
263, Kinsley Residency, Hillcrest Square
Houston, Texas 83410
Phone: 590-328-4176

September 1, 2013

Christie Harrington
Chief Resource Officer
Godfrey Technologies
11, Adams Business Center, Downtown
Houston, Texas 83412

Re: Application for the position of a QA Tester

Dear Harrington,

I have come to know through my neighbor and your customer-care executive, Ronald Hanley that there is one position existing for a QA tester in your organization. Since I have waited long enough for this opportunity to arise as I have a strong desire to work with your development team, please consider this cover letter as an application for the same.

I am a graduate of the Angel Technical Institute where I have learned the nuances of software testing. After graduating in 2005 from this prestigious Institute, I started my stint in this interesting yet challenging field with KYC Technologies. My company specializes in developing software for accounting, logistics, inventory management, and weather forecasting.

I started as a QA Test Support Associate and soon caught the attention of my senior through my logical and analytical skills. My hard work and preservation subsequently paid off, and I was promoted as a QA Tester in a matter of two years. Since then, I have been an integral part of the development team and have many projects to display in my repertoire. You will have a detailed understanding of the nature of work I did through my attached resume.

I am flexible in working in any team environment and bears the stamina to sit and work for long hours. My organization and communication skills are some of the few highlights about my credentials. I enjoy finding and preventing bugs so that the end-user can work on the application without any trouble.

My strength includes professionalism, analysis, logics, initiative and agility. I can come for an interview for further discussion if informed 48 hours early. This will allow me to intimate my superiors about my leave. I am expecting a positive response, and hope to meet you soon. Thank you for your time.


Victor M. Benson

Enclosure: Resume

Your duties, responsibilities and strength may or may not match with this QA Tester cover letter. Nevertheless, it can serve you as an example when applying to a company you are eager to work in.

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