Scl1501 Assignment 1 Semester 2

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SCL1501 Skills Course for Law Students – Semester 1


SCL1501 Skills Course for Law Students

    • Your friendly Student Advisor (Tutor) will facilitate the entire experience.
    • A vibrant discussion forum for engaging with your classmates and Student Advisor with any subject related matters.
    • An activity feed to keep up to date with what is going on with your group
    • Email updates or digests direct to your inbox so you know when there are discussion on your forum
    • You can start engaging even more personally with your fellow students by sending them direct friendship requests on the forum.
    • Revision App where you can compare and discuss assignments and past exam questions.
    • An exam pack will be made available for students (mock exam typical questions and answers)
    • Share useful resources with your classmates (click below to see what is there now)
    • Students have access to a lecturer to answer all questions.
Resources offered

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  • Afrikaans
    • Notes
      • SCL1501_Inleiding_tot_die_Reg.docx
      • SCL1501_notas_pdf_a.pdf
      • SCL1501_notas_word_a.doc
  • Notes
    • SCL1501_4_Notes.pdf
    • SCL1501_Latin_Phrases.doc
    • SCL1501_MayJune2012_exam tips.docx
    • SCL1501_RIGHT_vs_CAPACITY.doc
    • SCL1501_Sea_Transport_Documents_Act_65_of_2000_(
    • SCL1501_discussion_class_advice.doc
    • SCL1501_satellite_broadcast_notes.docx
    • SCL1501_skills_course.doc
    • SCL1501_unit_summaries2010.doc
    • a SCL1501 TOGETHER WE PASS NOTES T2 2017(2).docx
    • a SCL1501 TOGETHER WE PASS NOTES T2 2017.docx
    • scl1501_notes.docx
  • Solutions
    • SCL1501 Exam pack final1.pdf
    • SCL1501-2016-10-E-1.pdf
    • SCL1501_MayJune2012_exam_solutions_su_1.docx
    • SCL1501_MayJune2012_exam_solutions_su_2.docx
    • SCL1501_MayJune2012_exam_solutions_su_3.docx
    • SCL1501_MayJune2012_exam_solutions_su_4.docx
    • octnov2011memo2.pdf


SCL1501 Skills Course for Law Students gives student basic knowledge, study skills and practical application skills so that they will be better equipped to deal with the practical demands required in daily legal practice.

Resources for SCL1501-SCL1014 Skills Course for Law Students

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