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A central focus for the Blatchington Mill School is to determine how best to use its data. The school tries to share data with students and parents in a way that makes sense to them, gives them the ability to draw valid conclusions from the data, and then elicits effective action from them in response.

Although the MIS provides a wealth of data, its own set of Web Parts does not necessarily display the data required, or display it in the way that is desired. When this is the case, the school develops its own Web Parts. The Student Tracking Suite is a good example.

The suite contains a set of Web Parts for staff, students, and parents, about each of the three key stages in the school.

  • Years 7–9 (11–13 year olds)

  • Years 10-11 (14–16 year olds)

  • Years 12-13 (17-18 year olds)

Each Web Part provides summary grades for each subject that the student follows. Specifically, an end of KeyStage target grade, target grades at the end of each term, attainment grades at the end of each term, and work ethic grades at the end of each term. Teachers submit attainment and work ethic grades online each term. Attainment is automatically color coded to indicate progress towards the student’s ultimate target grade. The information is always available for students and parents to see, and is a very popular feature of BMS 360 for students.

Figure 13. Student Tracking Suite summarizes student achievement over several years

Parents can now chart their child’s progress at any time across several years. Teachers can engage in more detailed conversations at parent conferences, parents can make better decisions about which teachers to see. Students are much better informed about their progress across all of their studies. The Student Tracking Suite has significantly changed how the school monitors student progress, and enables intervention at an earlier stage where necessary.

The data for the Student Tracking Suite is extracted from the MIS server daily by a scheduled script, and written to a custom SQL Server database that resides on the server running SharePoint 2010. The Web Part surfaces the data from the database for the student who is logged in (or for their parent) when they access the page.

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